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Royale Mangoes of Pakistan

Mango cultivation in the subcontinent has been going on for about 4,000 years. Pakistan and India are the largest producers of mangoes in the subcontinent and our country Pakistan is currently the fourth largest producer and third largest exporter of mangoes in the world. Mango, the Magnifera Indica, is the second largest fruit crop in Pakistan after Citrus. Mangoes are exported from Pakistan almost all over the world.
Mangoes are referred as a king of all fruits because of its rich taste. Pakistanis are very fond of mangoes because it is a delightful fruit. In Pakistan, the basket of mangoes is considered as a symbol of friendship & it is also known as diplomatic gift.
Mangoes are cultivated in hot and arid areas of province Sindh and Punjab in Pakistan.
The highest mango producing districts in Punjab are Multan, Bahawalpur, and Rahim Yar Khan. The highest mango producing districts in Sindh are Mirpur Khas and Thatta.

Mango lover in any corner of the world can find their mangoes from Multan, because of its soil. Soil of Multan is rich in micronutrients and has an optimum pH value for mango growth. Multan has a dry climate with severe summers and cold winters, which makes the environmental conditions favorable for mango growth in this area.

Premium Quality of Multani Mangoes is famous all over the World, because two-thirds of Mango Export from Pakistan is done from Multan and its neighboring areas. Multani Mangoes are harvested after the monsoon season. Punjab & Sindh’s well-irrigated land and most favorable temperature & soil condition is main reason behind the commendable taste and excellent quality of Pakistani Mangoes.

Some of the best-selling top-notch varieties of Multani Mangoes, in locally Pakistan are;
Multani Dusehri, Multani Anwar Ratol & Multani Seasonal Chaunsa, and for Export, Multani White Chaunsa (also known as Nawabpuri Chaunsa) & Multani Laal Badshah Mango (also known as Sensation and Shan-e-Khuda due to their longer shelf-life and blend of colors).
One of the supreme Urdu poets, Mirza Ghalib, said “Aamo mein bus do khubiya honi chahiye, ek meethay ho aur bahut saray ho” “(Mangoes should have two qualities: They need to be sweet and they need to be aplenty.)”
To add to your knowledge, the most exported mango from Pakistan is Chaunsa.

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