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Timeline of our wide range of Mango products

king of mangoes

King of Mangoes? Chaunsa! Yes, you heard it right. It is a golden-yellow beautiful mango from a beautiful city itself, Multan. It has a unique and soft aroma with a splendid taste, soft flesh, and less fiber. Seasonal Chaunsa is also known as “Samar-e-Bahisht). Chaunsa mango grows the most in Multan and Rahim Yar Khan districts of Southern Punjab, Pakistan. Pakistan’s Chaunsa is the most popular variety of mango in the World. Moreover, it has a high nutrition profile. History tells that Chaunsa was made popular by Sher Shah Suri while celebrating his Victory over Humayun at Chaunsa, he named his favorite Mango Chaunsa.
Availability: Multani Seasonal Chaunsa is available from July 10 to around August 20.

Honey Products

Timeline of our wide range of Honey products

Authentic small bee honey from KPK

Thick liquid meal with dark golden colour. Authentic Small bee honey from KPK. It’s a natural sweetener. It is anti-inflamatory, antioxidant and antibacterial agent. It cures coughs, treat burns and aid wound healing


Royale dESI gHEE

Timeline of our wide range of Desi Ghee products

Made from organic pure and fresh butter. The taste is less overtly sweet and nutty than other oils. Contains Omega-3, fat soluble vitamins and vitamin A. Consuming desi ghee can help you stay active all day long. Enhance overall heart health

Royale delights

Timeline of our wide range of Royale delights

Panjeeri is well recognized for producing heat in the body. It help lubricate joints, ease body aches, and calm sore muscles. It benefits nursing moms by promoting the production of breast milk and assisting them in regaining strength after birth. It is made up from milk, edible gums, Whole wheat flour, nuts and desi ghee. This delicious treat also improves immune system functioning and protects against seasonal illnesses like the cold and cough.

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Chughtai Foods is an entrepreneurial ventureby two brothers Mr. Muhammad Wasiq Chughtai and Mr. Daniyal Nadeem Chughtai to enhance the living standard of our society. Our patron saint is our father Mr. Nadeem Ahmad Chughtai. We started our journey, with the Grace of Allah Almighty in 2020, by offering online mangoes under the brand name Chughtai Royale Mangoes. Within a short span, our business prospered and we decided to sell sweet desserts and other organic foodstuff.


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