From our Farm to your door-step

Process behind delivering you pleasant sweet moments. 

Punctilious Harvesting & Processing

We at Chughtai Royale Mangoes work with admirable moral values in our orchards. We take care of our orchards and take every necessary step to protect them from disease or any other quality-deteriorating factor. We pluck mangoes from the trees in a very delicate manner along with its stalkand we let the mango sap dry naturally. Then we put the mangoes in plastic crates and load them in our own vehicle to our warehouse. There we keep them in a well-ventilated enclosed room for a few daysuntil they are semi ripewith all food safety protocols. Moreover, we allow mangoes to ripen naturally. Mangoes naturally releases ethylene hormone that boosts their ripening process. We believe in natural efficacy. We allow mangoes to ripen organically. Our mangoes once ripened give a golden yellow color on the outside and sweet inside.

Aesthetically Pleasing Packaging

Once mangoes become semi-ripe, we pick them with immense love and sincerity. Place them in Styrofoam sleeve, which does not allow one mango to collide with another and pack them for you. Each mango is inspected carefully before placing in the box to ensure food safety and quality.

Trusted Shipping

At Chughtai Royale Mangoes,we deliver mangoes from Multan to all over Pakistan. We expect our shipping partners to be as reliable as our brand. Hence, we assure that renowned and trusted shipping partners deliver our boxes because we do not want anyone else’s mistake hurt our customer, as indirectly it will damage our customer’s trust in us.

The Flawless Gift – At Your Doorstep!

Within 5 to 6 working Days you box of happiness at your Doorstep