Royale White Chaunsa

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  • Late variety mango
  • Exceptionally sweet mango
  • Large sized mango
  • Most export from Pakistan
  • Premium Quality
  • Its shelf-life is about 8 to 9 days organically
  • This Mango Lasts about 35 days
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White Chaunsa or Nawabpuri Chaunsa is a late variety mango. It has an exceptionally sweet mango with a phenomenal aroma and scrumptiously soft, juicy flesh with somewhat of fiber. It has quite a thick stone and the pulp is a fairly light yellow in color. It is available in quite large size. It has longer shelf life. So, it considered to be the most exported mango from Pakistan. In Multan, it is cultivated on huge area.
Availability: Multani White Chaunsa is available from August 25 to around September 30.

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