Royale Dusehri

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  • The fiber-less orange pulp mango
  • Ideal for being used for shakes and ice creams.
  • Apparently medium size
  • Premium Quality
  • Its shelf-life is about 5 days organically
  • This Mango Lasts about 30 days
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Dusehri is very famous specie across the world. It’s pulp is orange in colour. It is very pulpy, firmer, and has less fiber. It has a very pleasant smell and is apparently of the large size among the species of mango. It is very ideal for being used for shakes and ice creams. Today this variety of mango grows in many countries of the world including Pakistan, India and Nepal.
Availability: Multani Dusehri or Dasehri is available from June 10 to around July 10.

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